Illustration portfolio
  • Journeyman Basketball web site is data-drive designed, developed coded and maintained by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios. is a data-driven site based on PHP/MySQL. Nearly all content is administered through a custom CMS. Coaches can enter individual player stats after every game so the site is updated constantly. Special pages calculate stats and rankings on the fly. It is a very large and complex site and the heart of the organization.

  • Proposed landing page for a custom Outback loyaty program

    An example of a custom landing page designed for a loyaty program.

  • a static web site by Jim grenier dba renegade Studios. is an average-sized static web site. It has a Flash-based banner and in-page videos.

  • TobiiATI markets specialized computers and peripherals for disabled people. They asked for an inexpensive ecommerce site for online purchases. Fully functional and controlled by a CMS, it can be customized in many ways.

  • Johnson and Wales University golf program web site by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios.

    Johnson and Wales required a temporary web presence for their specialized golf program while their main site was being re-designed. My solution was a simple site with about a dozen pages which the school found very effective.

  • Northern Trust onlne newsletter designed and produced for Diamond Marketing Solutions by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios

    I produced Northern Trust's bi-monthly eblast/online newsletter for several years. Each issue had a single eblast with summary content and links to 4 separate online pages.

  • eblast email newletter for Trinet by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios.

    I've abbreviated the panel here. The original eblast was almost twice as deep. In addition it was supported by multiple online web pages.

  • The Kellogg School of Management wanted a web site to help them manage course information. A visitor selects from groups of courses, by date, then registers and downloads course information. It was essentially a complete ecommerce site but without purchases. A unique and technically custom project.

  • Dioamond Marketing Solutions dynamic data-driven web site designed, developed by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios.

    This Chicago marketing firm contracted me for a variety of web-based projects including their own website. This is a dynamic data-driven site based on PHP/MySQL. No CMS is used — the client works with a web server tool to update their pages.

  • Cider Hill static website bypasses database using Adobe Contribute by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios is a client-updatable static site. No database is used but the client can create and edit content through their web browser.

  • A golf web site project for Golf Management Group designed by Jim Gre nier dba Renegade Studios.

    This site was designed but never fully-developed. The brainchild of a well-known golf professional, it was intended to be a portal site for the golf industry including courses, pros, tournaments, schools and more.

  • Kidquest web site modified, redeveloped and modified by Jim Grenier dba Renegade Studios.

    The owner of the site was referred to me after two other developers failed to make it a viable video-download ecommerce site. The goal was to save the look and feel but make it work. The products failed to garner sufficient sales and the site no longer exists.


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I have limited all my portfolios to what best represents my work. In some cases there may be a dozen or more examples and in other cases, fewer. I also refrained from creating portfolios for every area of my skillset, concentrating on the primary ones.

The reason for this is simple. After decades of work in a wide range of media and markets, trying to show more is simply an overkill. It is unprofessional to try to show everything, so try to judge me on the overall quality of what you see here and what you read in my testimonial section.

Chances are you will like and appreciate many things, even if they may not be your style.